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Program Handbook

About Zillabeau

Created in 2020, Zillabeau fuses the concepts of Godzilla and beauty. Like the “King of the Monsters” fictional character who arose during a time of chaos and nuclear waste, Zillabeau was born during the historic pandemic, through the lockdown and economic turmoil, amid a significant civil rights movement.

What is the Zillabeau Muze Program?

The Zilleabeau Muze Program gives creators just like you the opportunity to become part of the Zillabeau family. You will be able to test new products before anyone else and create beautiful social content with them through unboxings, tutorials, and more. You will also have the chance to come to NY, represent Zillabeau in Korea and Japan, work closely with Dan and our other Zillabeau reps, and even win a Tiny 180 Color Full Set! The possibilities for growth are endless depending on what you create!


Program Duration

September - November 2021 (3 month period)


  • Create fun and creative content based on weekly guidelines with provided products
  • Stay up to date on all Zillabeau promotions 
  • Attend virtual meetings with Zillabeau reps to stay current with the expected content
  • Post 3 times per week (minimum)

Posting Guidelines

It is extremely important to not only properly represent our products, but also provide your followers easy access to those products. Tagging and hashtagging is an excellent way to create that connection. It is also vital to maintain professionalism in all of your Muze posts. 

Penalty for not reaching the minimum requirement of posting:

All Muzes will get 3 chances to reach the posting requirements before losing the opportunity to receive free products and win the Tiny 180 Color Full Set. 

Social Media Postings Must Have:

  • Zillabeau tagged in the caption as well as post
  • Products used listed (must be in the caption and can also be in the post itself)
  • Use of applicable hashtags (i.e #zillabeaumuze #leafgel #fiote #pottedgels)
  • Brand(s) used must be tagged in the post and caption (i.e @leafgel)
  • Exciting and refreshing content

What to avoid:

  • Bashing other products or brands
  • Inappropriate language
  • Vulgar/inappropriate posts
  • Unprofessional attire
  • Tagging or representing other companies in Muze posts
  • Using filters that misrepresent the colors of the products

Content Creation Tips


  • Proper exposure, as well as vibrant true to life colors, are a necessity
  • Subjects must be in focus (no blurry images)
  • Display the products you use in a way that is educational
  • Get close up shots of nail designs that are easy for viewing


  • Proper exposure, as well as vibrant true to life colors, are a necessity
  • Have an introduction, explanation, and ending
  • If using audio, make sure it is clear and at the correct volume 
  • Keep the shots stable with a minimal shake (easy viewing)
  • Make sure the video isn’t too long 
  • Draw people in in the first 5 seconds with something exciting (most viewers scroll after the first 5 seconds unless they see something that interests them)


  • Show how much the products excite you and how well they perform with your attitude
  • Stay positive, happy, and ALWAYS smile
  • Speak with a purpose (Make your sentences clear and concise)
  • Avoid rambling 

Weekly Posting Guidelines

Each week will have a different theme/project for posting. A minimum of 3 posts must be shared per week. Although not required, we recommend that at least one of those is a video. A Youtube video or Instagram/Youtube live video that is longer than 15 minutes counts for all 3 of the week’s required posting. All Muzes agree to let Zillabeau repost any content that they create. All reposts will credit the Muze that created it.


  • Photos, short videos, igtv, reels (reels can also be shared to TikTok) IG Live via Zillabeau channel 


  • Videos
  • You can take a clip or photo from the video and post it on Instagram (the youtube and Instagram content combined will count as 2 posts for that week)


  • Short 1-3 minute videos (depending on if you have the 3 minute feature)

Instagram and YouTube Live

  • All lives will be done through Zillabeau’s social media and recorded
  • Use the first few minutes to let viewers join the live before beginning
  • Use this as a chance to let viewers ask questions about the products
  • Have a plan for what you will do on the live as well as the duration

Post Examples


  • Show off Zillabeau’s packaging and attention to careful wrapping to keep products safe
  • Clearly display all of the products and list the brand(s) and collection(s) they are from
  • Talk about the packaging and what you like about it (i.e Tiny’s Home Sweet Home)


  • Introduce the collection and brand that you will be swatching 
  • ALWAYS mention that you can only get these products and brands from Zillabeau
  • Name each color (i.e TW01 Sand Beige) and show bottle before swatching
  • While swatching, describe the color and what you like about it
  • ALWAYS do 2 coats per color
  • When finished swatching all colors, line them up next to each other for a final shot

Nail Art

  • Present products that will be used at beginning of the video 
  • Discuss what type of art you will be creating and where the inspiration comes from
  • Give detailed instructions for each step of creating the art
  • Show finished art design

Pro Tip: Film an unboxing, swatching, and nail art and edit them into 3 separate videos