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F Gel Day & Night Premium Glitter Set

    F Gel Day & Night Premium Glitter Set

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    20 color Premium Glitter Set

    *Color chart stand is no longer included.

    Sparkle ‘Day & Night’ with F Gel’s 20 color premium glitter collection! There are 10 colors in this collection that were inspired by the Sunkist light of the day and the other 10 inspired by the bold and mysterious night. The gels are made with premium glitters with never before seen sparkle in this 20 piece set.


    F Gel is based in South Korea and known as Asia’s most innovative nail manufacturer, creating professional-quality, elegantly-packaged bottled polish that is as effective as potted gels. Its product development team is constantly bringing patent-pending ideas to life and setting forth trends in the nail industry. All gels are cosmetic grade (10-free), apply easily, and infused with the richest color pigmentation.