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Leafgel Full Set Promotion
Leafgel Full Set Promotion
Leafgel Full Set Promotion
Leafgel Full Set Promotion

    Leafgel Full Set Promotion

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    Leafgel Full Set Promotion

    Join America’s leading nail salons and own the entire collection of Japan’s #1 selling brand ‘LEAFGEL PREMIUM’.

    Get your hands on all 248 Leafgel color gel pods and get $1500 off 

    Leafgel Premium Full Set Collection will include the followings:

    • 248 4g Leafgel color gels $20x248=$4960
    • Official Leafgel Color Swatches (Pre-painted with all current 248 colors) $200 value
    • Leafgel Premium Brush Set, 10 Brushes (Flat, Oval, French, Short French, Border, Liner XS, Liner S, Liner L, Gradation, Mini Oval) $200 value
    • Leafgel Premium File & Buffer Set (Sponge Buffer Azure, Board File, Sponge Buffer Viollet, Emery Board, Board File Rose) $15 value
    • One(1) 25g Sculpting Gel II $80 value
    • One(1) 25g Extreme Clear Plus $80 value
    • One(1) 25g Perfect Shine Top Gel $80 value
    • One(1) 25g Top Gel Rev $80 value
    • One(1) 25g Sanding Free Base $80 value
    • One(1) 15g Non-wipe Top Gel $30 value
    • One(1) 15g Glossy Top Gel $30 value
    • One(1) 15g Non-wipe Matte Top Gel $30 value
    • Leafgel Premium Cuticle Remover $22 value
    • Official Leafgel Premium Big Blue Eco Bag $10 value

    Also, choose one of the following Free Gifts. $200 value

    1. 10 extra 4g color gels of your choice (Write down color numbers on the 'note to seller' section when you check out. Multiple quantities of the same colors are also accepted) 
    2. Two 25g Clear gels of your choice and one 15g Top gel of your choice (Please enter your choice on the 'note to seller' when you check out.

    Total: $6097 




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