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So, You Wanna Be a Leafgel Educator?

Anyone can learn just about anything online, but free information doesn’t always mean credible information, especially when it comes to beauty and nails. As more and more people are staying indoors and avoiding crowded classrooms, the demand for online nail educators is rapidly growing, and that’s very exciting for both new and experienced nail artists everywhere. What’s it like to be an online nail educator and is it for you?

A course in constellation nail art by Van Juanarena of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Leafgel, Japan’s #1 nail gel brand, is a pioneer in online nail education. They’ve been offering online nail classes for over 5 years. You could even say that they’ve been doing it before it was cool. (Pandemic, who?) Leafgel educators have years of experience in the field and are able to share the knowledge they’ve learned in their careers to help educate other artists through nail art courses and certifications. With licensed nail technicians from the US, UK, Japan, Australia, Argentina, and Canada, not only do students learn directly from some of the world’s top nail artists, but they receive first hand instruction in a breadth of styles and techniques that vary from region to region.

Leafgel online nail classes offer a wide variety of beautiful techniques like these oil painting realism roses and fruits taught by Rose B.

Becoming a Leafgel educator means unlimited access to Leafgel nail courses for free. That’s huge! That means on-going education using the newest, most-innovative nail art techniques from international artists while discovering new creative ideas as they work alongside students in all stages of their careers. 

I've learned lots of various art techniques from leading artists in the nail industry. I also have the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge to connect with other amazing nail artists through teaching.” -Leafgel Educator Devon Nurre, Honolulu, Hawaii. 

With endless opportunities to lead online and offline courses, educators in gel nail training are able to cultivate their careers and broaden their skill set with experiences in leadership, communication, and marketing.

Becoming a Leafgel educator comes with lots of gorgeous perks.

Teaching with Leafgel also creates unlimited financial opportunities and gives educators steep discounted access to the newest premium quality nail products on the market. We all know how addictive and pricey quality nail products can be, so Leafgel educators are able to offer affiliate codes to students enrolled in their classes. (Yay, discounts!) This commission affiliate program is amazing for nail artists who are looking for supplementary income like Devon: “I also LOVE that it helped build my skills so that I have another strong stream of income which has brought in a significant chunk of finances over the years.” As nail artists, we all know how tough it is to book clients during the pandemic, and having another source of income is a great way to secure your finances and reach career goals.

Becoming an educator means connecting with some of the best nail artists from around the world

The nail community spans all across the globe, and Leafgel is helping to bring artists closer together. 

“My favorite thing about being a Leafgel educator is being a part of a family. I love my leafgel community and it brought a new aspect to my career that I always knew was missing.” -Rose B. educator from Miami, Florida. 

Gel nail training with Leafgel offers tons of fun opportunities like invites to exclusive nail conventions like the Tokyo Nail Expo and even online cocktail gatherings so that artists can network and socialize with others working towards similar goals. Many of the Leafgel educators, like MoMo, Rose B., and Cammie Lo, have worked with fashion shows, magazine editorials, and celebrity clients. By leading online nail classes, they’re able to build recognition with an online presence, validate their skills as high profile nail artists, and connect with talented nail artists from all around the globe. You never know what kinds of connections you’ll make.

“I've accumulated all this knowledge over the past 6 years and felt it was time for me to start helping others achieve their goals and dreams, just as I have. I love teaching and helping others, and nothing makes me more happy than seeing others progress and level up from something I've helped them learn.” - Rose B. of Miami, Florida

Leafgel is searching for new educators, and you could join the team! Don’t know where to start? Leafgel Premium Education System provides both online and offline certification training to help artists reach their Level 5 Educator certification. New students start at Level 1 and unlock each progressing course through coursework and hands-on practice. The final certifications, Levels 4 and 5, consist of written and practical exams to demonstrate knowledge and abilities in real-time. For more details about the Leafgel Premium Education System, visit:

Today, staying safe and indoors is crucial, but that doesn’t mean the world stops at our front doors. Online education, remote work, and e-commerce businesses have become the new norm for people all around the globe, broadening our horizons and opening up more opportunities everywhere we click. Whether you’re a DIY artist or a licensed nail technician, Leafgel’s online classes offer invaluable information and benefits for all nail artists. If you’re ready to build up your nail career and learn from some of the very best, sign up for a free account and browse the catalogue of on-demand courses. Classes are on-going, so keep up-to-date by signing up for the newsletter and following the official Leafgel USA Instagram and Zillbeau Instagram.


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