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Sparkles and Smiles: Make.N’s Advanced Nail Art Seminar at Zillabeau

Zillabeau's second Make.N Advanced Nail Art Seminar and Expo was a resounding success, buzzing with such excitement that we added a bonus day! Initially planned as a two-day event, it blossomed into a three-day creative festival, overflowing with fun, innovation, and the most dazzling Korean charms, stickers, crystals, and nail parts from Make.N. 

Make.N has established itself as a pioneer in the nail art industry, specializing in the production of high-quality Korean charms and nail accessories. With a decade of experience and refined techniques, Make.N boasts unrivaled technology in manufacturing intricate components, setting the standard in the Korean nail art market as the only company to successfully brand its nail accessories.

Led by the charismatic Master Educator Hye Jin Kim, the seminar transformed into a vibrant hub of learning and laughter. Hye Jin brought her extensive expertise and infectious enthusiasm, lighting up the event with her well-crafted demonstrations that evolved into dynamic interactive sessions. Attendees eagerly absorbed every advanced technique and tip offered, with questions flowing as freely as the creativity.

"Master Educator Hye Jin Kim attentively reviews a student's work, offering personalized tips and encouragement to perfect their nail art technique."


The atmosphere was electric, with artists from various backgrounds diving into the advanced world of nail art. The additional day provided ample time to experiment with Make.N’s luxurious products, transforming the seminar into a playground of creativity. Attendees thronged to try out the newest stickers, the shiniest stones, and the most intricate parts, with the air buzzing with excitement as participants shared their creations and insights.

"Master Educator Hye Jin Kim shares a joyful reunion with a returning student, celebrating their progress since last year's seminar."

The seminar was about much more than mastering advanced techniques; it was about reveling in the creative process. The joy of discovery was apparent on every face, and the days passed in a whirl of activity and animated discussions. Hye Jin was thrilled with the level of engagement, remarking, “I’ve never seen a group so eager to learn and have fun at the same time. It’s inspiring to witness your passion and your incredible creations!”

The curriculum featured enchanting Sanrio Character Art, allowing participants to craft designs with beloved characters like Hello Kitty and Kuromi. Innovative sessions on the Korean Tip Extension Method and 3D Chrome & Texture Art pushed the boundaries of traditional styles, while Parts Art sessions explored sophisticated, textured designs through Volume Parts Art and 3D Ribbon Art.

Exciting new products such as the innovative Pedi Balance kit and versatile Magnet Gels captivated attendees, offering new ways to enhance their artistry.

"Showcasing the art of possibility: A vibrant display of Make.N’s stunning nail artwork, highlighting the intricate designs and creative potential of their premium products."

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive:


Interview with a Seminar Attendee:

Q: How did you find the quality of the seminar compared to last year?

A: The quality was outstanding. It was thrilling to engage with more advanced art and a variety of techniques that weren't covered in the previous seminar.

Q: What did you think about the curriculum?

A: Each section was well-explained and orderly, making it easy to follow. The curriculum was packed with essential arts that are truly necessary for any nail artist wanting to elevate their craft.

Q: Any message for Make.N after attending this seminar?

A: The seminar really highlighted the care Make.N puts into each product. I'm excited to use Make.N parts with the parts gel and cover gel for my clients. There’s a noticeable difference in quality that I’m eager to bring into my work.


As the seminar concluded, it was evident that this event was much more than just a learning experience—it was a celebration of the artistry and community that defines the nail art world. Attendees left with not just certificates and full shopping bags from expo-only deals, but with new friendships, fresh ideas, and a renewed passion for their craft.

"Smiles and Certificates: A joyful group photo capturing the proud moment as participants display their certificates after a successful seminar with Make.N!"


Thank you to everyone who made this seminar a phenomenal success. Your energy and enthusiasm have set the stage for future events, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll create next. Keep pushing the limits, keep having fun, and remember, the world of nail art is at your fingertips!

Stay tuned for more exciting events from Zillabeau, where creativity meets community in the most dazzling way!

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