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Viscosity Vibes: Exploring Nail Gel Viscosities

Hello, fabulous Zilla’s! Are you ready to dive into the colorful and sticky world of nail gels? Today, we're talking about something that might sound a bit scientific but is super important for your nail art adventures: Viscosity! 

What is viscosity, You Ask? 

Viscosity is a fancy word that describes how thick or thin a liquid is. Imagine honey and water; honey has a high viscosity because it’s thick, while water is on a low viscosity scale. Now, let’s apply this to our nail gels!

 The Thick and Thin of It: Types of Nail Gel Viscosities 

  1. High Viscosity Gels:  These are the teddy bears of the gel world - cuddly and full-bodied. They don’t run into your cuticles or edges, making them great for sculpting and creating 3D art. Perfect for when you want your nails to make a bold statement! An example is our 1st Street Sun Baek Non-wipe Top & Clear Gel, which allows you to craft expressive, attention-grabbing nail art. 
  1. Medium Viscosity Gels:  These are the Goldilocks of gels - not too thick, not too thin, just right! They're versatile and perfect for overall nail coverage or those still exploring their nail art journey. Izemi Resin 99.9 Top Gel (MID) serves as a versatile ally in your nail art toolkit. 
  1. Low Viscosity Gels:  These gels are like the graceful swimmers of the nail world, smooth and flowing. They’re ideal for natural nail overlays or delicate, intricate designs that make people say, “Wow, how did you do that?” Riposo Base Gel  is an ideal choice for those intricate, mesmerizing details. 

WATCH OUT! In the enchanting realm of nail gels, there are two sorcerers you need to know about: Self-Leveling Builder Gels and Non-Self Leveling Builder Gels. Let's unravel their magic!

  • Self-Leveling Builder Gel: This is your go-to for an effortlessly smooth look. It's perfect for creating a sleek overlay or a structured manicure, as it levels itself out like magic! IZEMI Easy Builder Gel exemplifies this seamless elegance. 

How Viscosity Affects Your Nail Masterpiece 

Different viscosities play different roles in your nail art:

  • High-viscosity gels are like the bold strokes of a painter’s brush, perfect for creating texture and depth.
  • Medium viscosity gels are your all-rounders, adapting to various styles with ease.
  • Low viscosity gels are the detail artists, helping you add those fine lines and subtle touches.

 A Few Tips to Nail It! 

  • Always match the viscosity to your design goal. Think of yourself as a sculptor choosing the right clay.
  • Be patient! Thicker gels may take a bit longer to cure (dry under the UV light), but the results are worth it.
  • Practice makes perfect. Each viscosity has its unique personality, so get to know them!


There you have it, gel enthusiasts! A quick tour through the world of nail gel viscosities. Whether you’re creating a tiny Mona Lisa on your nail or going for that chic, simple look, remember: that viscosity is your friend. Embrace it, experiment with it, and most importantly, have fun with it!

Stay glossy and fabulous my Zilla’s! 

Stay tuned to our Zlogs for more informative and creative content!

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