What Makes Angel Eyes Gels So Attractive?

From the Nail (F Gel)’s soft pastel line of magnetic gel polishes.

Magnetic gels are a fun and easy way to add mesmerizing depth and dimension to any manicure. With their introduction to the nail world in recent years, nail artists and DIY enthusiasts were quick to get their hands on them. However, most magnetic gels on the market typically cast a gloomy tone featuring deep colors and dramatic, flashy effects, but F Gel’s new edition of the Angel Eyes line provides a softer take on the craze, one that the magnetic gel market desperately needed. It was heaven-sent. Within its first month of launch, F Gel sold a record-breaking 50,000 sets, a milestone for the K-Beauty industry.

From The Nail (F Gel)’s the newest release, the Angel Eyes Magnetic Gel Collection II.

As it’s so aptly named, Angel Eyes Magnetic Gels are the sweeter counterpart to the darker Cat Eye Gels. While Cat Eyes are often recommended for use over a black base, Angel Eyes offers buildable coverage and a bright luster to stand out on its own.

The entire collection features delicate, dreamy pastel hues with soft, shimmering sparkles and a glossy sheen. The results are graceful and charming, and its production is even more appealing. Developed in Korea, F Gel’s coveted 10-free non-toxic, cruelty-free formula ensures that you’ll make it through those pearly gates at the end of the rainbow road.

Vibrant shimmers bring life to any manicure like this gorgeous
set created by nail artist and educator, Devon Nurre.

Much like Cat Eye gels, Angel Eyes features magnetic iron particles to give nail artists creative freedom. Tiny magnetized metallic glitters are suspended in a gel base color and using magnetic tools, these glitters can be “pushed” and “pulled” to create fluid ghostly designs without ever smudging or denting the manicure.

Magnetic tools help to move magnetic shimmers in the Angel Eyes Gels to create heavenly designs.

Every collection of Angel Eyes comes with two strong magnetic tools to help sculpt the metallic glitters with precision. Each side of the tool works to either repel or attract the glitters toward the magnet to help manipulate the gel while it's uncured. Experiment with the magnets using both sides, movements, and angles, or layering over light and dark base colors for different effects. The sky’s the limit with Angel Eyes Magnetic Gel. Get the full collection or purchase individual colors by browsing our F Gel Collection here.

A set of beautiful crystal-inspired nails created
by Devon Nurre, using F Gel’s Angel Eyes collection.

Still, wondering how to use Angel Eyes Magnetic Gels? Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to help you get started:

What You’ll Need:

  • Base Gel
  • Angel Eyes Magnetic Gels
  • Magnetic tools
  • Top Gel
  • UV Gel Nail Lamp

** For best adhesion and product compatibility, we recommend using F gel, Leafgel, or Lily gel base coats and topcoats. All of these gel brands are nontoxic and have 10-free formulas.

Instructions for Use:

  1. On clean, prepped nails, apply a coat of base gel, and cure with your UV lamp.
  2. Shake up Angel Eyes Magnetic Gel to mix pigments evenly.
  3. Apply your first coat of Angel Eyes Magnetic Gel and cure for 60 seconds.
  4. Apply a second coat of Angel Eyes Magnetic Gel. (Do not cure.)
  5. While Angel Eyes gel is still uncured, use the magnetic tools to create your design. We recommend working one nail at a time as the magnetic shimmers will slowly disperse back into the gel if it is still wet. Once the desired look is created, 6. cure immediately for 60 seconds to solidify the effect.
  6. Finish with a gel top coat and cure.

For more information on using Angel Eyes Magnetic Gels, follow @zillabeau on Instagram, and check out this helpful video by nail technician and educator, Devon Nurre, where she gives you some professional insider tips on using Angel Eyes.

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