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Is That A Summer Sunset? No, That’s My Outstanding Ombré Gel Nail Design!

Two orange and pink ombre nail tips against a blue sky fabric of a Japanese woodblock print.

Amazing examples of ombré nail gel designs, by Leafgel Educator Yuki! (@nailsbyyuki)


Ombré nail designs are gradually becoming the biggest trend this summer, no pun intended!

With more than 6 million posts on Instagram where nail artists and newcomers have been trying out the ombré style, now is the time to dive in if you haven’t!

At Zillabeau, our team is always on the lookout for what new gel nail designs or classic styles nail artists love to rely on each day!  

What Is Ombré?

Ombré means, “shaded,” in French! Magnifique

It’s a process of using any enhancement polish like gel nail polish, creating a gradient of one color that fades into another color or shade. This kind of blending creates a subtle and alluring quality to any design, and has been a huge staple all year round for nail fanatics!

The Wonderful History of Ombré

Ah, the ombré! A classic, a staple. 

Before the big boom for ombre nails over a decade ago, it all started from pink ombré nails, as nail artists redid French nail tips by literally blurring the line between the pink base and the white tip of the nail. 

Ombré’s so popular, there’s new nicknames for it, it seems! The process called glitter fade or gradient designs is essentially the same as ombre.

It was originally popular because the base, painted with a natural color, could grow out into the nail tip naturally. But now, there are so many different applications and ombré designs nail artists have developed! 

There are so many new and recent ideas nail artists had fun with like: 

  • Reverse ombre nails
  • Magnetic ombre nails
  • Vertical ombre nails
  • Neon ombre nails 

  • But the French ombré nail is still a classic trend that’s growing, taking over Instagram and Tiktok in recent months with viral videos. Nail fanatics love the versatility! You can be subtle and smooth like a nude blend one week or bold and daring the next design with a neon glitter design the next. 

    Our Favorite Ombré Nail Gel Designs!

    Instagram post of eight fingers, each with pink glitter ombre nail designs.

    1. Dazzling and iridescent, We love these pink glitter fade ombré nails by Zillabeau Muze Katie Dutra! (@nailsbykatiedura) You can also check out Katie’s Youtube channel here.
    Fingers hold a nail tip, with an orange and red color vertical ombre design.
    1. These seamless orange-red vertical ombré nails, by Zillabeau Muze Lauren Hoehn, (@insponails) using vivid shades from the color gels of Fiote!
    Nine fingers, each with a bright orange glitter ombre design.

    1. We yet again adored the way Katie Dutra, @nailsbykatiedura, was able to create a coral glitter ombré pattern, with a structured manicure that allowed the bold and glimmering designs!
    Single nail tip displaying orange red ombre nail design, with small summer flowers imprinted on top.
    1. Even a callback to spring, with Mithmillo’s Undying Love Collection! A captivating yet soft orange & pink ombré nail design by @nailsbykatiedutra!

    Staying Prepared! Tools Recommended For Ombré

    Having all of the necessary supplies for ombré designs can be surprisingly easy. It’s also recommended to have a gradation brush as well, so you can control the midpoint of your ombré design with careful brush strokes.

     The Leafgel Gel Brush (Gradation) is one example of how the proper brush can sweep in the right compliments for your ombre nail polish designs. 

    Small and blue nail gradation brush with the logo Leafgel on it.

    Using a make-up sponge, often wedge-shaped, is one of the core tools for creating ombré designs as well. Nail artists sometimes prefer to apply the polish onto the sponge itself, before dabbing it on!

    Several plastic containers with blue wrapping, with makeup nail wedges inside.

    We offer products like the Mithmillo Milkponge,

    Gold pen and extenders with a ribbon behind it that says "Mithmillo," twice.

    …and the Mithmillo Easy Picker, which can be used to hold the sponge for a more clean and easy experience, while also allowing you to have a more comfortable grip too!

    Ten nail tech brushes, each with different tips and colored words on them. All of them say Leafgel.

    If you’re looking for a gradation brush alongside a full brush set, we also offer the Leafgel Brush Set as well!

    At Zillabeau, we’re so excited for each nail art season! Looking out for each new or classic gel art trend that keeps evolving every day! 

    With an exclusive variety of the largest and leading Korean and Japanese nail gel brands today, we provide acclaimed nail gel & tools that will allow your new salons and DIY experiences to grow all year round.

    Stay updated on our blog and check out our Instagram, Youtube, & Tiktok for more fun staples for your nail art journey!


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