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Make Some Noise! Zillabeau Hosts The Make.N Expo + Art Seminar!

Zillabeau Hosts The Make.N Nail Expo + Art Seminar!

Here at Zillabeau, we celebrated the new summer season by hosting the Make.N Nail Expo & Art Seminar! This was Make.N’s first ever seminar in the U.S., and we were so happy to show their American students Make.N’s new selections!

This July, nail artists and students from around the United States flew over to learn captivating techniques on how to best apply a dazzling variety of nail accessories & charms in their nail art! The certification ceremony allowed students to pose together with both Zillabeau and Make.N as we all celebrated their new art skills and hard work!

Learning Nail Magic With Make.N!

A nail art educator reviewing the nails of a student, while a translator watches on.

Master Educator Hye Jin Kim was amazed at Zillabeau’s Featured Muze Kiki’s nail art!

Make.N is a Korean nail parts company that specializes in signature nail parts for nail artists. Their charms have been used by nail artists around the world, and are known for having adorable accessories. A few we love are these nail stickers of teddy bears and their own sunglasses, or 3D nail designs of a dolphin swimming on an ombré beach!

Make.N has their own factory in Korea, where Make.N’s team independently create their own designs and manufacture their high-end nail parts & charms. We even spoke with Make.N’s Head of Product Design, who built and designed the innovative nail accessories used by Master Educator Hye Jin during the seminar!

Close-up of a nail artist carefully placing a rhinestone onto a nail art pattern on a student's finger. Her nails are painted black.

Hye Jin Kim directs the seminar on how to best layer stones for the best design stability on a top coat.

During the seminar, Make.N Master Educator Hye Jin Kim provided a glimpse at how far a nail artist can go with a nail accessory. Carefully using tools from a specific student kit, students learned how to create voluminous stone art and glossy nail looks!

From demonstrating how to apply nail charm products onto a top coat, or how to make sure stones and other nail parts stick close together, so each design is built to last as long as possible!

Kiki’s Take!

We also asked our Featured Muze of the season, Kiki (@kikilanail) about her experience attending Make.N’s seminar, held at Zillabeau!

Q: Kiki, how did you feel about the seminar?

A: I loved attending the make.N seminar! The class was well organized, the instructor was very knowledgeable and kind, and the shopping was incredible. It was so fun to learn the hottest Korean nail art with make.N products.

Q: Did you learn anything new or exciting about nail charms during the seminar!

A: I learned the proper way to apply Make.N charms and stones to ensure maximum comfort for my clients. I also learned how to increase revenue for my salon using make.N products which is invaluable!

Q: What was your impression of the new nail charms that Make.N brought to Zillabeau?

A: The Make.N charms are dazzling. It was nice to see a wide range of their products. After using them on myself I can see that Make.N charms are some of the highest quality charms on the market.

Q: Did you have a favorite nail charm you used during the seminar? 

A: My favorite charms are the beautiful Swarovski frames that you can put stones in. They are stunning on the nail.

So Much Fun: Until Next Time, Make.N! 

Master Educator Hye Jin Kim was getting a little emotional concluding the class! Zillabeau translator Nikkie was so happy to help Hye Jin get her words across.

Hye Jin was especially proud of her students, and was so happy to teach a seminar she had spent months preparing! Zillabeau was so moved by this too!

The Make.N Nail Expo & Art Seminar was one of many events that here at Zillabeau we are proud to offer to any visiting nail artists & technicians. We are the #1 Korean nail gel shop in the U.S., and offers a curated selection of nail gel brands like Fiote, Leafgel, F Gel, and so much more. that you can’t find anywhere else.

It was a fantastic time for Zillabeau, as our team got to meet Make.N’s, and we were able to hold space to allow them to display their newest variety of fun & unique nail parts. So charm-ing indeed!

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