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What Are Korean Syrup Gels? Getting Transparent About This Latest Nail Art Trend!

Elegant style, with good color suspension too!

Syrup gel nails are a new type of gel polish from Korea, known for having a specific translucent look that has such a fun range of design options and colors. They’re also known as jelly or glass nails, due to their sheer and clear effects.

Syrup gels come in a spectrum of translucence. More clear and see-through syrup gels are often called “jelly,” while more opaque syrup gels are called “milky.”

All syrup gels are composed of translucent colors, and can be made into a wide array of designs that can be both sleek and colorful, subtle and bold at the same time!

Two hands holding each other, both with translucent and clear syrup gel nails.

It’s so exciting to hear about a new gel style, isn’t it? Syrup gels have such a wide range of versatility, from a classic and subtle look to a more bold and modern nail art look.

Syrup gels are also great for designs like ombré gel nail styles, creating a very natural look with minimal technique needed, due to how syrup gel polish already have a translucent composition. 


How Syrup Gel Collections Changes The Nail Art Game

Syrup gels can be combined with other gel types too, like glitter syrup gel or magnetic gel. These unique compositions can bring interesting and special gel designs to reality, with plenty of room to experiment!

Popular with soft gel specialists, syrup gels are also popular for how they look after layering the sheer nail polish – it creates a subtle but very elegant gradation effect, which so many nail artists are becoming more and more enamored with.

Another strength to syrup gels are how clear and light they are, while still being able to provide one-coat coverage that stays durable after curing. 

Different Designs For Syrup Gels

Nail artists over the last few years have been able to create creative and unique designs where their syrup gel ideas really elevate their look! Through syrup gel, nail artists have been able to create:

  • Radiant glitter syrup gels (with glitter powder)
  • Ombré jelly gel nails
  • Summer abstract gel nails
  • Stained glass gel nails
  • Semi-sheer colored gel nails

Two hands with abstract summer syrup gel nails, with special white tips.

A Zillabeau team member’s summer abstract gel nail design!

Asking The Experts

We’re asking Zilla Muze Kiki (@kikilanaiil) the most essential questions about syrup gel, where she illuminated the topic with her experience with gel nails!

Q: In your own terms, what is syrup gel?

A: Syrup gel is a translucent gel. They are not entirely opaque but not transparent. Their pigmentation is slightly lower which gives you the ability to either have a slight wash of color or build up to a deeper tone. With one bottle you can create multiple versions of the same color.

Q: What are special aspects of syrup gels?

A: Syrup gels are unique because they blend seamlessly. This makes it easy to create a variety of nail art. Syrup gels are also great for beginners. Any imperfections in application on the nail are less noticeable.

Q: What are your favorite designs and combinations for syrup gel?

A: My favorite designs to do with syrups gels are marble, ombré/gradients, beach nails, and so many more. I like to use syrup gel as a base for French designs because it softens and unifies the color of the nail, almost like makeup.

Q: What are things to be careful about when it comes to syrup gel, like technique tips?

A: When applying syrup gel you want to use a soft hand. Pushing the bristles too hard on the nail can leave the polish streaky. If you slightly float the brush as you pull the polish down the nail, you can achieve a uniform color!

Zillabeau is the largest Korean gel nail shop in the United States, with a selection of exclusive brands along with a range of high-end tools and gels that have been carefully chosen for gel nail artists and professionals.

We offer syrup gels from leading Korean brands such as Marie Atelier, TINY, Fiote, F Gel, Hoholee, and so much more. These brands provide both staples and classics that combine unique and captivating packaging with high-end gel nail products, designed to make your nail customers swoon!

Zillabeau celebrates the limitless ways an artist can explore nail art, with a huge range of options for syrup gels, color gels, as well as base & top coat gels. The collections we offer to customers were picked to help make your gel nail experience fun, creative, and accessible.

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