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Zillabeau Predicts The Trendiest 2023 Fall Nail Designs!

Yes, autumn is fast approaching, and we're also wondering what the next fall gel nail craze will be as well!

You feel it in the air. Yes, you went to the beach with your friends, maybe even went off on a huge trip to Europe. But everywhere you go this week, it’s the same feeling. It’s getting a little colder, and people are even starting to wear their favorite jeans again.

You’re starting to put together the fall outfits you have planned, and that also means you’ve got to figure out quickly which gel nail designs will be the best for you.

Here at Zillabeau, we’ve been interviewing all of our Zilla Muzes to predict what will be the coolest and trendiest designs around. Here’s our list of the 2023 best fall gel nail designs that everyone will be falling for!

1. Tweed Nail Designs

We're admiring the amazing ways Zilla Muze @ricekittynails made these plaid and tweed designs with Fiote's Tweedy Collection!

Tweed is definitely an exciting element to tackle this autumn, and definitely a classic staple for a stylish and elegant look while either preparing for school or taking a stroll by the falling autumn leaves.

“I think that tweed nails will be a trend this fall!” @nailsbykumi said. “With the rise of understated luxury, it echoes “old money,” luxury brands like Chanel. It’ll be a great look, especially with short natural nails.”

Fiote’s Tweedy Collection is one excellent example of how nail polish sets can come prepared for your fall tweed experience. Fiote’s Long Square Brush is also a great addition for this combo!

We wonder what kind of exciting wool and corduroy outfits will match with your future tweed gel nail look!

2. Metallic Gel Nails

Definitely a sleek look, metallic gel nails are also predicted to be a huge craze this coming fall! 

With both austere and bold options available, these luster polish gel ideas we keep hearing about are definitely going to be a great look as autumn rolls over to winter, or when you’re going pumpkin-picking and want to stand out a little! 

Magnetic nails. We have seen these a lot over the last year and I think they will continue to dominate this fall, especially in dark and moody tones,” said @kikilanail

Metallic silver gel nails

We're so amazed by these swatches made by @kikilanail, using Fiote's Nocturne Collection!

Metallic ink gel polishes are available for the upcoming season, including Fiote’s Ink Fit Metal Collection. We also offer F Gel’s Magnetic Gel Nail Polish - Angel Eyes II.

“This comes in 3 luxurious colors that pair up beautifully with darker colors for the fall,” said @naiiltrappinjess. “Gold and silver chrome designs will be a hit, I feel like.

3. Tortoise-Shell Nail Designs

Unique and idiosyncratic, we’ve also heard tortoise-shell designs are a classy and sophisticated look for the fall! 

When it comes to angel-eye or magnetic designs, "people might go for simple designs or creative blends with the timeless tortoise shell patterns,” @ricekittynails said. “And, of course, tortoise shell remains a classic fall trend that's here to stay each year.”

With a texture that works great with durable gel nails, our Zilla Muzes definitely think that tortoise-shell designs will be a hit for the fall of 2023!

Tortoise-shell gel nails being held by two fingers.

Tortoise Shell Velvet Angel Eye French Tip Nails, by @ricekittynails!

4. Airbrush Effect Nail Designs

“Airbrush effect designs have been very popular lately,” @naiiltrappinjess added. “Especially with darker colors.”

We’ve been seeing more and more interest in airbrush effects this year, with a surge of nail designs that highlight just how creative and flexible airbrush techniques can be! 

Here at Zillabeau, we’ve been preparing for the wave of interest! We’re offering products like Con’Celect’s new Airbrush System.

5. 3D Art Designs 

We're in awe of @kikilanail's 3D Blue Cloud Nail Art! Made with Hoholee's Ggulbo Color Set!

3D. 3D nails aren’t going anywhere and we will continue to see artists experimenting with what’s possible with 3D gel,” said @kikilanail

@devthenailjunkie recommended a variety of products from Zillabeau that can act as great support for 3D nail designs!

Leafgel’s Clay-like is a great choice, as well as HohoLee’s Ggulbo line.Devon said. “I want to feature so many! There’s also Sun Baek by 1st Street.


At Zillabeau, we’re here to help your nail art journey be a long-lasting success. Predicting future trends is one of our many passion projects for the future of gel nail art, including creating content about our favorite fall colors or how-to videos! 

With an exclusive variety of the largest and leading Korean and Japanese nail gel brands today, we provide acclaimed nail gel & tools that will allow your new salons and DIY experiences to grow all year round.

Have a great summer everyone! Keep in touch with our Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube for more updates and fun design ideas, as we celebrate the year sun up & sun down!


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