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Leafgel Perfect Shine Top Gel
Leafgel Perfect Shine Top Gel

    Leafgel Perfect Shine Top Gel

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    Leafgel Perfect Shine Top Gel

    Perfect Shine Top Gel is a moderate texture with a little firmness, and it is very easy to paint without dripping regardless of the amount of application,

    In addition, when you wipe the uncured gel, it does not become unclear/foggy even if you rub it strongly, so there is no need to worry about the details when wiping off and it finishes beautifully with the perfect shine!

    • Clarity and shine that lasts through the duration of the manicure
    • Medium viscosity
    • Keeps its shine regardless of the thickness of application
    • Does not dull or scratch even when the tacky layer is aggressively wiped off (not recommended).

    Look for the PINK bow when you reach for this top gel.

    Brand New Formulation

    - 4g - 8g - 25g

    - UV: 1min curing

    - LED: 30 sec curing

    • Glossy Finish
    • Long-lasting clarity and shine until you remove them
    • Perfect texture
    • Very easy to use and forgiving. It will continue to shine regardless of the amount applied.



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