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Professor Zilla: How To Maintain Your Nail Health In The Summer!

We’ve been seeing so many different nail designs pop out this summer! From coral ombré patterns, rainbow nails, and airbrush effects, we can’t wait to see how the nail artists we admire create the newest trends and waves! 

Definitely with all the sun, nature and vacation plans that everyone has, you and your clients’ gel nails & nail bed might need some extra security to tag along for the entire ride! 

Here at Zillabeau, we’re always open to helping maintain your clients’ nail health with plenty of summer nail maintenance tips.

Wear-And-Tear: What Happens During Wear!

What may surprise you is that any coating can affect the nail surface during use, despite a heavy top coat to protect your art! 

We know that top coats can be protective, but remember that when the adhesion and bonding is stronger than the lamellar layer of your nail, peeling will happen. Remember to be gentle with your nails, and be mindful of repetitive uses of force that may result in the nail plate or design being hit or impacted.


Nail-ing It Down!

Because your clients might be taking their time to run into the ocean or get into that hiking adventure they were telling you so much about, your nail designs will have to take on a little bit of extra security. 

Sealing the edges of the natural nails is a good way of making sure your design stays put. 

If your client has nails that are particularly soft or weak, using a file with 220 grit or higher is recommended in this situation, because your gel nail designs might take on breakage or peeling if higher grit or coarser filings.

Sand can easily wear down designs that don’t have enough support. We offer high-end nail files to provide your creativity with the precise nail tools you need!

Cuticle Oils Are Key

Summer is definitely pool season, and yet water can actually expand or contract the nail bed! This creates further strain on your nails, but don’t worry. Focusing on the matrix, or the cuticle area as possible, is an essential part of nail care & prep!

One solution to remedy this is to provide your client’s nails with cuticle oil, massaging it in to provide an organic bond that can allow your nail beds to stay intact. As long as your nails are kept dry from water beforehand, oils are a great way to maintain your nail’s health! 


We also recommend Leafgel’s Organic Argan Nail & Cuticle Oil! ($29) It’s a plant-based, nutrient-rich cuticle oil that uses hand-pressed argan oil & vitamin E to provide luster and moisture to your cuticles. 

Additionally, using sunscreen can also help, with SPF and hand cream being a major component to having your amazing gel nail designs stay safe and sound at the beach!  

 We also provide Fiote’s If Care Daily Oil, ($20) which contains 15 plant-derived oils that can keep both your nails, hand, and even hair healthy. It’s lightweight and smells great too!

Bring Us To The Beach: Products We Recommend

Of course, we wouldn’t be giving out advice to help your summer plans if we weren’t prepared ourselves! Here at Zillabeau, we have in stock a variety of top gels and cuticle oils to make sure your nail bed can last through the summer.

Remember that applying the top gel over the edge of your nails has also been found to help provide a long-lasting quality to your manicure process!

These top gels can provide scratch-resistant and toxic-free support, with easy application methods that will allow for a smooth removal process without requiring any coarse or heavy filing!

1. HoHoLee Chakhan Glossy Top Gel - $21

2. Izemi Resin 99.9 Top Gel (Low) - $23

3. Leafgel Non-Wipe Supreme Hard Top Gel - $18

At Zillabeau, we’re here to help your nail art journey be a long-lasting success. With an exclusive variety of the largest and leading Korean and Japanese nail gel brands today, we provide acclaimed nail gel & tools that will allow your new salons and DIY experiences to grow all year round.

Have a great summer everyone! Keep in touch with our Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube for more updates and fun design ideas, as we celebrate the year sun up & sun down!

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