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Leafgel Color Gel 551 Coral Red
Leafgel Color Gel 551 Coral Red
Leafgel Color Gel 551 Coral Red

    Leafgel Color Gel 551 Coral Red

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    Leafgel Color Gel 551 Coral Red

    A spring/summer staple, sheer coral red with pink undertones. This color has a very unique viscosity that is semi-sheer, but opaque with two coats, and has a buttery smooth texture. A versatile color that would work well with gradation/ombré art, nuance and an array of design


    Leafgel Premium Color gels are premium professional quality gel straight from Japan's #1 gel brand. Extremely pigmented color that won't run, blur, streak, bubble, peel or shrink. Cures with no tacky layer so you can easily paint detailed nail art layer by layer. Finally, a color gel that does not blur or feather!

    Your nail skills will reach new heights with this amazing gel from Japan.

    ● Amazing coverage and vivid color payoff
    ● Soak-off in minutes
    ● Great flexibility for Art
    ● No Blurring when applied color on color (easy to layer uncured)
    ● Great self-leveling
    ● No chemical smell or fumes
    ● Highly durable and long-lasting
    ● Can be used for art or full nail color
    ● Vegan Friendly and Toxic Chemical Free (10-free)

    Size: 4g (Please note that Japanese gel jars are customarily smaller in size. It is normal for jars to be only 2/3 full. Each jar is measured in the factory and contain 4g of gel each)

    UV 1min curing
    LED 20 sec curing

    **Store in a cool, dark place away from any direct light sources for longevity.


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